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General dentistry is one of the things we pride ourselves most on at our Canyon Lake, TX office. You'll find that when it comes to these types of procedures - such as teeth cleaning, root canals, dentures and tooth extraction - we provide the highest standard of care for each and every patient. Please read on for more details of some of our general dental treatments.


One of the simplest and most common procedures we do at our dentistry practice is teeth cleaning. Many times people think the only goal of having their teeth cleaned is to have a whiter smile. While we can remove stains and polish your teeth, teeth cleaning accomplishes a lot more than that. It can help protect against tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath to name a few. Don't neglect the basics of dental care - come see us in Canyon Lake for a teeth cleaning soon!


If some or all of your upper or lower teeth are too far decayed and need to be extracted, don't worry. While this was a depressing thought for many of out dentures patients, they've always pleasantly surprised with the results our dentures have given them. Technology in this area has improved substantially over the past decade and it's possible to make dentures that look real, are comfortable, and easy to take care of. Speak with our dentistry team in Canyon Lake for more info.

Root Canals

Root canals are done to repair and save a tooth that is in a state of decay. Because it involves treating the nerve of the tooth, most people are terrified when they hear the words 'root canal'. However, it's a very routine procedure, and with our dental expertise and attentive care in Canyon Lake, you need not be afraid. At our dentistry practice, we'll explain to you what we're going to do and make the experience as stress-free and painless as possible.

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